Interview with American comic artist and writer – Phil Jimenez @SHCC 2017

It’s a sunshine afternoon on Oct. 6th. In the interview room at SHCC, VoiceVision Team had an impressive interview with the artist/writer on Wonder Woman and American comic artist and writer – Phil Jimenez. After we had a seat, Phil noticed the guard bracelet on reporter’s wrist at once. Wonder Woman’s exclusive equipment caught master’s vision at first. We both smiled from heart, and then we started our interview——

2017 SHCC 美国知名漫画家&作家菲尔·吉梅内斯独家专访

10月6日,阳光明媚的午后,在SHCC的采访室里,《神奇女侠》的插画师,美国知名漫画家和作家 — 菲尔•吉梅内斯(Phil Jimenez)接受了声颜组的专访。落座后,他首先注意到的是记者手臂上的“守护银镯”,这件神奇女侠的专属装备立刻吸引了大师的目光,双方会心一笑,于是我们的采访就这样愉快地开始啦。